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In recent years there have been increasing demands to produce multi-functioning printed products that can be personalized or imprinted on impact or non-impact printers. In response to the increasing demand, manufacturers have developed a variety of ways to produce a combined set of printed products which are referred to as "integrated" and "affixed" products. Integrated and affixed products effectively meet the needs generated by the considerable growth of document handling equipment, for both pre and post-processing activities.

The introduction of the laser printer has been responsible for the greatest changes in developing integrated products that can now provide processing options and product functions not previously considered. To provide greater functionality for the printed product, concepts such as affixing, integration and single-pass processing have been developed. As examples there are cards or marketing materials affixed to forms, cards and labels integrated into the form for laser processing, and single sheet products that can be laser processed, folded and secured, ready for distribution. The integrated product applications are currently being designed to increase the efficiency and function of standard printed products that may have previously required several components or printed pieces to be gathered together in order to accomplish the same objective.

Five specific integrated products will be discussed in this section. They are defined by the method used to combine the multiple components. The products, which will be examined, are cards and labels that are either integrated with the carrier sheet or affixed to the carrier sheet. They are defined as follows:

  • Affixed Cards
  • Affixed Labels
  • Affixed Stencils
  • Integrated Cards
  • Integrated Labels


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