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The standard sizes of a particular envelope will vary depending on what type of envelope you are going to be using. To see some of the standard sizes that are available for the different types of envelopes, see Standard Envelope Sizes.

Shown below is how to measure an envelope when you are determining the size.

Flat Envelopes

Catalog: 9" x 12"
Width = 9"   Length = 12"

How to Measure: Measure "width" x "length".
Width: Is always the shorter measurement.
Length: Is always the longer measurement.
Do Not Include the Flap in the Measurement.

#10 Regular: 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"
Width = 4 1/8"   Length = 9 1/2"


Expansion Envelope: 9 1/2" x 13" x 2"
Width = 9 1/2"   Length = 13"
Thickness = 2"

Expansion Envelopes

Measure width and length the same as shown on the Flat envelopes, using the shorter measurement as the width and the longer measurement as the length.

When measuring the Gusset Edge, measure the distance from the fold of the flap to the first score line at the bottom. If the flat size is also requested, measure the gusset edge from the fold of the flap to the actual bottom edge of the unexpanded envelope.

Note: An expansion envelope will have a 3rd measurement which is the thickness that the envelope expands to.

Gusset Edge: The area on the sides of an envelope that allow the envelope to expand.

Window Size and Placement

Most any type of envelope can have a window cut into it. There are many standard window sizes available for the different types of envelopes. Custom size windows are also available for all types of envelopes. A special upcharge is usually charged for custom windows to be added.

Window: A cut out opening that allows a portion of the content of the envelope to be seen, such as a mailing address or a special message.

Shown below is how to measure the window size and placement of the window on the envelope.

How to Measure Window Size:

Measure: Height x Width
First measurement is the height.
Second measurement is the width.

Note: When measuring, have flap at top.

Standard Window Size: 1 1/8" x 4 1/2"
Height = 1 1/8"   Width = 4 1/2"
From Left = 7/8"
From Bottom = 1/2"

Placement of Window:

Measure from left edge of envelope to left edge of the window.
Measure up from bottom edge of envelope to bottom edge of window.

Standard Envelope Sizes

To see some of the standard sizes that are available for the different types of envelopes, click on the envelope type below. To see a description of the different types of envelopes, see Envelope Types.

    Diagonal Seam-Regular
        Regular-Inside Tint
        Window-Inside Tint
    Side Seam
    Air Mail
    W-2 & 1099


Business Mailers
    Two Way Mailer
    Bank by Mail

    Wallet Flap
    Flat Mailer
    Full View 



    Tyvek® Tamper-Evident
    Inter Office
    Expanding File Jacket
    Flat File Jacket
    Record Retention
    Board Mailers
    Bubble Mailers
    Disk Mailer
    Microfiche Filing
    Green Diamond-1st Class
    Drive-In Banking
    Parking Ticket
    Packing List

Laser Envelopes


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