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Remote proofing of a print application can be time consuming even when the process is performed via the Web. In order to view the file properly, every computer on which the document will be displayed must be set up in a similar fashion. Typefaces, graphics, and the general layout of a document may all look different because of the differences with the computer systems. This makes it difficult to get an accurate idea of how the document should actually appear.

Transferring the file to another location can also be a problem if a standard dial-up system is used for connection to the Internet. Many files are very large and require a great deal of time to be fully transferred to a remote site. A high-speed line is essential for organizations that transfer and receive large files consistently.

Remote proofing is easier and more efficiently accomplished with the use of PDF files. PDF files are smaller than files from other applications so they can be easily sent via e-mail. It isn't necessary for the client to have the same design software as the creator of the document in order to view the file because Acrobat Reader enables anyone to view the file using Reader. Using the full version of Acrobat allows the client to add corrections and comments on an electronic overlay. The PDF and the overlay can be sent back to the author of the PDF file. Electronic signatures can be used to sign off on the proof after it has been reviewed so that the entire proofing process can take place online. This saves time having to send a hard copy of the proof to the customer to sign and return it.



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