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Digital Desktop Printers

Digital desktop printers are able to create a new image for every impression that is produced. They create a printed sheet directly from digital files and use a variety of processes for print output depending on the manufacturer. The most common processes that are used are electrophotography and ink-jet technology.

A digital desktop printer differs from a copier in that it has the ability to print a new image for each sheet that passes through the printer. Desktop printers could be considered smaller versions of digital presses because of some similarities in technology. Some models are truly "desktop" printers, while others are known as digital printers because of their larger size. Some of these may range in size from very small floor models to large, high-volume production machines. The distinction between the larger printers and digital presses begins to blur, as does the distinction between some printers and some digital copiers, because so many units on the market are multifunctional.

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