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Digital cameras offer two types of viewfinders: LCD screen and Optical or Through the Lens.

  • LCD Screen:  Most digital cameras provide a built-in LCD screen, which measures approximately 1.8" and is viewable in color. Images can be composed prior to the shot or reviewed immediately after they have been taken in order to decide if they are to be saved or deleted. The LCD screen requires power to operate.
  • Optical Viewfinder (Through the Lens):  In addition to the LCD viewfinder display, there may also be an optical viewfinder, similar to those found on traditional cameras. The optical viewfinder is beneficial for composing the image, to use in daylight conditions (which can often make the LCD display difficult to view), or for taking action shots during which the LCD display cannot keep up with the speed of the shots. Using the optical viewfinder conserves battery life, since it requires no power.


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