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In order to create tables, select Table on the main menu bar, then Insert, and finally Table. The Insert Table dialog box will appear in which you can enter the necessary information to create the table that you require. You can enter the number of rows and columns that you want in your table as well as the overall width of the table. You can also choose how you want your table aligned on the page, the size of the borders on the table, and the cell padding and spacing. Cells are the spaces created where columns and rows intersect.

The table shown below is the result of the selections made in the dialog box above.


Note: Do not make your table any wider than what will fit on the smallest common monitor screen (14"), otherwise the user may need to use a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen in order to see the complete width of the page. This can be annoying and may result in people not using your site as much as you would like.


Once your table has been inserted, you can begin to enter text and graphics in the various cells. Enter text by simply typing inside a cell or copy and paste text from another file. Insert a graphic by selecting Insert on the menu bar, then Picture. You can insert a graphic from any file or from Microsoft's clip art library. When you insert anything into a cell, it will enlarge if necessary to accommodate the size of the text block or graphic, but the overall table size will not increase from its original setting. As you can see in the illustration below, a text block was inserted into the right cell of the table. As a result, the cell has almost taken over the entire table because there is nothing in the left cell to prevent the right cell from expanding horizontally.

As soon as content is inserted into the left cell, as shown below, the right cell will get smaller horizontally and larger vertically to accommodate the graphic in the left cell.

There are now some things you can do to improve the appearance of the content within the table. If you right click anywhere within the table, a shortcut menu will appear. If you select Table Properties from the menu, you can do several things. You can change the spacing between cells and the space between the content and the edge of the cell. If you want the table borders to show up when your page is displayed in a browser, you can change the border size from zero to any number. The color and style of the borders can be changed, as well as the background color of the table, the table width, and many others.

You can also change the properties of individual cells by right clicking on a cell and selecting Cell Properties from the shortcut menu. 

The Table Properties dialog box is shown below with some of the properties changed for the sample table. See how this has affected the appearance of the table.


The table shown below is the result of the selections made in the dialog box above.

Another feature to assist you with tables is the floating tables toolbar. To show the toolbar, click View on the menu bar, Toolbars, then Tables. The Tables toolbar includes tools to add columns and rows to your table, delete columns or row, merged cells, align content within the cells, and many more. The tables toolbar is shown below.


Note: Besides the Tables toolbar, there are floating or dockable toolbars for standard functions (saving a file, copying and pasting, inserting a picture), formatting functions (changing font size and style, aligning objects, coloring text, bulleted lists), DHTML Effects (animate objects, create mouseover pictures), and several others. To see the other toolbar selections, click View on the top menu bar and then Toolbars to see the complete list, as shown in the illustration below.



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