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Special Printing Processes

Shown below are some special printing processes that add security to your documents.

Hot Stamp Foil Printing

The hot stamp foil printing process bonds foil to paper or plastic to create a special foil image. The bonding of the foil to paper or plastic is created by using a metal die, heat and pressure. Using foil printing is a very effective way to add security to your document. It cannot be duplicated by scanners or copiers. Hot stamp foil printing makes an effective deterrent to forgers since they would have to use the actual foil stamping process to reproduce the document with the foil image. Foil printing can be applied in single color, multiple color, rainbow color or with a holographic pattern.

Prismatic Printing

Prismatic printing is a special printing technique where a pantograph background is printed in two or more colors on the same printing unit. The different ink colors merge where they meet in the ink fountain to form a blend of colors in the background. The special varying effect is very difficult to reproduce by using a scanner, computer or copier.


Intaglio Printing

The intaglio printing process uses a metal plate that has had the image cut into the surface. The sunken image is filled with ink and the surface is wiped clean so only ink is left in the sunken image areas. Then dampened paper comes in contact with the plate and pressure is applied, embossing the image and forcing the ink in the image areas to transfer to the paper. The embossed ridges can be felt when rubbing across the surface, indicating the the document is an original. The intaglio printing process is used on old US currency and 95% of the world's currency. It is also used on stocks, bonds and other valuable documents. It is a very specialized process that gives a document a very high quality look. This high quality printing cannot be reproduced by using scanners, color copiers or computers with laser printers. Intaglio is an old printing process but is still used today as one of the best security features on valuable documents.


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