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Line Gluing

Line gluing is the most common method of attaching the parts together on a unit set. Usually two lines of glue are applied to the stubs between each part as the parts are being collated together. Two glue lines are required on carbon interleaved forms: one to hold the parts together and another to hold the carbon to the paper.

Edge Gluing

Unit sets can also be manufactured without the stub to bind the sets together. The parts can be attached to each other by being glued along one of the edges with a fugitive glue that allows the parts to be easily torn apart. Edge gluing can be applied as the individual parts are put together on a collating machine or they can be edge glued in an offline process. It is usually the preference of the manufacturer as to what process is used. The edge gluing of a unit set can be less expensive at times, but it will depend on the process used, the quantity of forms, and the size of the form. Edge gluing a form will not necessarily have any affect on the price of the form. It eliminates having to discard the stub, but when pulling apart an edge glued form, the glued edge may not lay smooth and flat. You must consider all of these factors when deciding on whether or not to use edge gluing on your carbonless unit sets.

Note: Edge gluing is available on carbonless forms only!


Spot Gluing

Spot gluing is the same as line gluing except that it goes on the form as intermittent spots of glue. This method of gluing is used if the customer would like to remove parts easily from one another without detaching the stub perforations. It is also used to hold two parts together after the stubs have been removed.


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