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Desensitizing Ink

Desensitizing ink is used on carbonless paper forms in areas where no image transfer is desired. For example, the user may need a form where some of the information that they enter on the form appears on the first part but does not transfer through to the second part. The image will not transfer when the form goes through an impact printer. The ink is applied to the front side of CF (Coated Front) and/or CFB (Coated Front and Back) papers. The ink causes the CF coating to be deactivated or desensitized on CF and CFB papers. When the CF coating is desensitized, it does not allow for an image transfer to take place between CB (Coated Back) and CFB and/or CF papers. The ink is transparent and once it has dried, it is barely detectable on the sheet.

Details to remember when ordering a form with desensitizing ink:


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