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The self mailers are generally folded in one of three basic folds. The standard folds are V-fold, C-fold and Z-fold. From the three basic folds, several variations are possible, such as double V-folds, uneven C-folds and eccentric Z-folds. The type of fold that you can use on your self mailer will depend on the capabilities of the folder/sealer. If you have special folding requirements, you should discuss them with the person that will be folding the self mailer to be sure they have the required capabilities. Shown below are some samples of the basic folds.



A V-fold has one fold which creates two panels to the mailer. 

A double V-fold is when the form is folded in half and then the two halves are V-folded again. It is also called a double parallel fold.



 A C-fold has two folds which creates 3 panels to the mailer.

An uneven C-fold is when the panels of the self mailer are not all similar in size.



A Z-fold has two folds that are folded in the opposite direction, resulting in a type of fan fold.

An eccentric Z-fold are where the panels of the mailer are not all similar in size.

A perforation is used in the location of the fold to allow the mailer to fold easier or when it is necessary for the recipient to be able to detached a panel, such as a reply card, reply envelope or a check.

When the self mailer is folded in a C-fold, the panel that is folded to the inside must be slightly smaller than the outside panels so that it does not interfere with the other fold. If the panel folded to the inside is a reply card or envelope, keep in mind that it must meet the requirements for business reply mail. See Postal Regulations - Business Reply Mail. If the panel is a check it must be at least 2 3/4" in depth to meet minimum check requirements for the banks.

Note: The finished folded mailer and any reply mail piece must meet the minimum weight requirements set up by the USPS.
For details, see Postal Regulations.



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