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The content that you create in FrontPage for your site will be publicly available when you publish your site to the Internet. However, there are times when you may want portions of your content to be restricted so that it cannot be viewed by the public. You may have a site where your customers are required to provide information that should be left confidential such as their address and credit card number. In order to protect this information from the people who should not see it, you need to add security features to your Web. Select Tools on the main menu bar on the top of the screen, then select Security, and then Permissions. You may find that these are grayed out so that you cannot select them. This may be because the server that is hosting your Web is not equipped with FrontPage extensions. If this is true, then all of your content will be publicly available when published. If the server has the proper extensions, then you can restrict access to certain information.

When you open the Permissions dialog box you can allow individuals to so one of the following three things with Webs and Subwebs: browse the Web, author and browse the Web, or administer, author, and browse the Web.

If you select Tools on the top menu bar, and then Web Settings, you will bring up the Web Settings dialog box. With these settings, you can set-up rules that affect the basic structure of your Web. There are six tabs at the top of the box that you can select in order top edit your settings.


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