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Paper is available from a variety of paper suppliers, however, not all suppliers provide paper to the end user. The following diagram illustrates how the distribution channel works for purchasing paper stocks.

The Paper Mill sells larger volume orders direct to the Paper Retailer, Distributor, or Printer who then resell the product. The Paper Distributor handles full and partial carton orders, which are considered smaller orders, to fit the needs of the Paper Retailer or Printer when the End User places an order for paper that is not considered to be at a volume level that a Paper Mill will sell directly to the Printer or Retailer.

The newest entry to the paper distribution channel is the Paper Portal which enables Printers, Retailers, and Paper Mills to source paper needs to a wider network of potential buyers and sellers via the Web, regardless of whether they are Paper Retailers, Paper Distributors, Printers, or End Users. Buyers and sellers of paper access the portal and use it as a marketplace to locate paper, to negotiate pricing, and to complete the transaction of either buying or selling.

Listings have been provided to help direct you to primary paper distributors and mills that carry the type of paper you are looking for. Each list is headed by a paper type and listed below it are the distributors and mills that sell or manufacture that particular type. The listings are intended to provide you with paper sources with a national market. There are many more sources that may have a local or regional market that are too numerous to list here. To view the listing of paper suppliers, see Industry Library - Materials and Supplies.


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