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Types of Paper

Almost any type, weight, and color of paper can be used in the manufacture of single sheet products. The chart below shows some of the more common papers and their uses.


Common Weights

Possible Uses


15 lb., 18 lb., 20 lb., 24 lb.

Letterheads, Notepads, Flyers, Brochures


50 lb., 60 lb., 70 lb.

Letterheads, Flyers, Brochures, Mailers


28 lb., 32 lb., 36 lb.

Inserts, Brochures, Folders, Mailers


65 lb., 80 lb.

Brochures, Folders, Mailers, Business Cards


90 lb., 110 lb.

Mailers, Folders, Business Cards


100 lb., 125 lb., 150 lb.

Mailers, Folders, Business Cards, Posters

25% Rag Content

20 lb., 24 lb.

Letterheads, Stationery


Various weights



  • Whiteness: The paper's ability to reflect all colors of light.
  • Brightness: The paper's ability to reflect a volume of light.
  • Opacity: The ability of not showing a printed image through to the other side of the sheet.
  • Holdout: The ability to hold a uniform layer of ink on the paper. Higher holdout means a sharper dot and increased ink gloss on the paper.
  • Finish: A glossy finish offers the best finish for reproduction detail and a dull or matte finish is suitable for large quantities of text.
  • Smoothness: The consistent continuity of the paper's surface.

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