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There are paper specifications and manufacturing requirements that you should be aware of when designing your laser forms.  Following the specifications and requirements will help insure that your forms will run properly through the laser printer.

Paper Weights

  • Standard weights are 20 lb.& 24 lb.
  • Paper should be laser guaranteed or laser compatible.
  • Forms printed on less than 20 lb. paper may have problems running through a laser printer.
  • Before using paper that is heavier than 28 lb., check the laser printer's manual for its capabilities in running heavier stock.

Paper Grain

  • Laser forms must be manufactured as long grain.

Multi-part Laser Forms

  • Multi-part laser forms are made up of two or more single laser forms that are not attached.
  • Multi-part laser forms are not fastened in any way to make a set.
  • Each part can run through separately or the parts can be precollated and run through as a loose set.
  • Be sure the paper for all parts is a heavy enough weight to run smoothly through the laser printer.

Paper Colors

  • White is the standard color for a laser form and is readily available in the standard weights for lasers.
  • Colors are available on a limited basis. Consult your supplier to see what colors are available for laser use.

Paper Brightness

  • Standard white laser bond is 85 brightness or above.
  • For high quality use 95 brightness or above.

Long Grain:
The direction in which the grain runs in the paper must be the longest dimension. The grain being long will help the paper run smoothly through the laser printer.


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