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Labels on Laser Forms

Laser forms can be manufactured with a label incorporated in several ways. The form can be a pressure sensitive label stock, it can have a label affixed to it or it can have an integrated label incorporated into it. Laser labels can be used for many purposes, such as shipping labels, mailing labels, ID labels, bar code labels, medical labels and labels for media (video tapes and cassettes). Shown below is a brief description of the different types of laser forms with labels.


Pressure Sensitive Labels Stock

Laser labels are produced on pressure sensitive label stock that is a standard laser stock size and is laser compatible. The stock consists of a liner and a facestock that has the labels die cut to the desired size. They can be left blank to be laser printed or they can be printed when manufactured. For more information on laser sheet labels, see Labels - Size and Label - Types.

Affixed Labels

A label can be blown on or tipped on to a laser form. The label stock and adhesive must be laser compatible. Be sure the printer that the laser forms will be printed on has the capability of running forms with affixed labels. For more information on affixed labels, see Label - Types and Integrated & Affixed - Types.


Integrated Labels

Laser forms can have an integrated label incorporated into them. An integrated label is one where the label is actually part of the original form. Adhesive is added to the back in the area where the labels is located. A liner is then added to the form on the back to cover the adhesive area. The face of the form is then slit to form the label. For more detailed information on integrated labels, see Label - Types and Integrated & Afftixed - Types.


Some of the label specifications needed by the supplier are listed below.

  • What type of label the laser form will contain.
  • Size, location and number of labels needed.
  • How the labels should be die cut on the face of the form (such as, square corners or rounded corners).
  • What type of adhesive is required:
     - Removable or permanent?

For more detailed specification requirements for all label types,
see Labels - Adhesives - Special Requirements.


Note: For all types of laser labels, all material, liner, facestock, adhesive and ink, must be laser compatible.


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