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Each part of a multiple part continuous form must be attached together so that they can run through a printer as a unit. The fastening of multiple part forms is performed as the forms are collated together. Listed below are some common types of fastening methods for continuous forms.


As the parts of the form pass through the collating equipment, they are crimped together with special blades that look like small teeth or prongs. The crimps pass over the multiple parts, pushing the paper downward, which holds the parts together. The form is usually crimped on the stubs and several crimps are put onto each sheet. Often the crimps are put on both the left and right stubs of a form, but they don't have to be. Crimps can be put on one side only and the number of crimps can vary depending on how well the parts of the finished form need to be held together.


Line Gluing

A continuous line of glue may be applied between the parts on the left and/or right of the form.

Continuous line gluing may cause a phenomenon called "tenting". The glue may cause the parts to bunch up at the folding perfs, pushing the perfs upward in the shape of a tent.

The tenting may cause the forms to jam as they are running through a printer, especially if there is glue between all of the parts or if both sides of the form are glued.


Interrupt Gluing

A better way to attach the parts of a form together with glue is with an interrupt glue system. The glue is laid down onto the paper in a dashed or interrupted line. There is also much less of a problem with tenting as compared with continuous line gluing.

Common locations for interrupt and continuous line gluing:


Cross Web Gluing

As the name implies, cross web gluing goes across the web or perpendicular to the stub. This type of gluing is used for special applications such as on continuous mailers. Not all manufacturers offer cross web gluing, so consult with them as to its availability.


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