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Width: Continuous forms are usually manufactured in any width between 5" and 19".

Depth: Continuous forms are limited to specific depths, usually between 1 3/4" up to 24".


Common Sizes (Overall size including stubs)

Sizes on a 14" Press:


Sizes on a 17" Press:


Sizes on a 22" Press:


Sizes on a 24" Press:


Note: Continuous forms can be many other non-standard sizes. Consult with the supplier as to their ability to provide other widths and depths that are not considered standard.

Continuous forms are manufactured wider than the finished size of the form to accommodate the need for lineholes. After the form has been through the printer, the lineholes are handled in the following ways:

  • They are removed in a machine that slits off the left and right sides of the form, which brings the form down to the desired finished size.
  • A perforation is added to the left and right sides of the form during the manufacturing process. The perforations are usually 1/2" in from the left and right edges of the form so that the user can easily remove these stubs after the form has gone through the printer.
  • On some applications, the lineholes remain on the form.


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