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Integrated and affixed products can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The carrier, as well as the product, can be many different sizes within each type. When determining the size of your integrated or affixed product, it is important to work with your supplier at an early stage of planning so that you are aware of your options. Working with your supplier will help you determine the best size to meet your requirements and be within the manufacturers capabilities.

Affixed Carrier Sizes

Affixed Carriers


Carrier Sizes for Affixed Cards, Labels and Stencils


The continuous carrier can be most any size continuous form as long as it is large enough to hold the card, label or stencil that is to be attached. Affixing tolerances must also be allowed for and standard continuous size rules must be followed. See Continuous-Sizes for details.

Unit Sets

The unit set carrier can be most any size unit set form. It has to be large enough to hold the affixed product and allow for affixing tolerances. The standard unit set size rules must be followed. See Unit Sets-Sizes for details.

Single Sheet

Single sheet carriers must be large enough to hold the affixed product, allow for affixing tolerances, and meet the size requirements of the affixing equipment. If the product will be imprinted on a laser printer, the size must be compatible with the printer.  Standard laser sizes are 8 1/2" x 11" and 8 1/2" x 14". See Laser Sheets-Size for details.

 Affixed Products

Affixed Card Size


A standard card size is 3 3/8" x 2 1/8". The card can be a different size than the standard but you should check with your vendor to find out any restrictions the manufacturer may have. Choosing a size that is a stock size from the manufacturer will save the cost of a custom die. Be sure to select a size that is a workable size for the end user. If it is too large or too small, it will make it difficult for the end user to store or retrieve the card.


Affixed Label Size


The label size should be determined by the end use of the label and the area of the carrier that the label must be affixed to. When designing the application and determining the size of the label, consult with your manufacturer to find out what stock size dies they have available. Manufacturers have many size dies in stock and using a stock size will save the cost of a custom die. Also, having to order a custom die generally results in extended delivery time of the product.


Affixed Stencil Size


The size of the stencil is determined by the stencil applicator being used. Be sure it is the proper size according to the applicator's requirements. Be sure that enough space is left on all sides of the stencil so that it can be inserted into the applicator without loosing any of the image to be imprinted.

Integrated Carrier Sizes

Integrated Carriers


Integrated Carrier Sizes for Cards and Labels

The size of the integrated carrier is determined by the type of form that it is. As with the affixed carrier, consideration has to be made as to size of the card or label area and any tolerances that are required. An example would be the tolerances necessary for gluing the liner patch on the back of the label area. For the size restrictions of the different types of carrier forms, see Continuous-Sizes, Unit Set-Sizes, and Laser Sheet-Sizes.

Integrated Product Sizes

Integrated Card Size


The card size can be any size that can be die cut out of the actual form. 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" is a standard size that is often used on integrated cards and affixed cards. For other card sizes, consult with your manufacturer to find out what they have available for stock size dies. You should determine if a stock size will fit your needs. Using a stock size will eliminate the extra cost and extended delivery resulting from having to order a custom die.


Integrated Label Size


The label size should be determined by the end use of the label and the area on the form that the label will be die cut from. If a specific printed area of the form is what makes up the label, the size will be determined by this area. If you have room to work with, you may be able to use a stock size die for the label area to prevent having to order a custom die. Sometimes the copy can be adjusted to allow the use of a stock die for the label.

Patch Liner Size: The patch liner should overlap the label area approximately 1/4" on all edges. If less than 1/4" is available, check with your manufacturer to see if they will have adequate space for gluing the patch liner.


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