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There are several option for numbering cards and labels. They may be numbered with a standard consecutive number or they can be numbered by using a bar code system, which can be a consecutive or a static number. MOD numbering can be used for added security.

Consecutive Numbering

  • Consecutive numbering changes sequentially from card to card or label to label.
  • It can be used as a control feature to provide a distinct identity to each document.
  • Several digit sizes are available for consecutive numbering and some manufacturers of integrated products may offer more than one size.
  • Alphabetic characters can also be used in the number.
  • A number can be printed in most any location on a card or label. For numbering in more than one location, consult your supplier. Affixed cards may have limitations as to where numbering is allowed depending on the card type. Consult with your manufacturer for their capabilities.
  • Numbering can be added on most cards or labels but the type of numbering process used will depend on the construction of the card or label. Consult with your manufacturer as to what process is best for the type of card or label being used.

The card or label of an integrated product can be numbered at the same time as the carrier.

Bar Code Numbering

  • Bar code numbering is used on many types of applications to code and decode information automatically.
  • It consists of bars and spaces of various widths as shown in the sample above.
  • The bar codes can be static (the same number on each card or label) or consecutive (sequential from card to card or label to label).
  • The scanned information is received without the input errors that can occur with the use of traditional methods of entering data. Bar coding is a much more reliable, faster, and efficient method of gathering information.

Static Bar Code



Additional Bar Code

Consecutive Bar Code


MOD Numbering

MOD (Modulus) or check digit numbering involves selecting a numbering method (MICR, Gothic, OCR, or Bar Code) to be used on documents for which an additional digit will be printed to the right of a base sequential number enabling the document owner to verify and control some aspect of the document, it's contents, or the intended end-user of the document. Click the link, MOD Numbering, to learn more.

Numbering on Carriers

For more details on carrier numbering, see the related area for the type of carrier your product will have:

For Continuous Carriers, see:
For Unit Set Carriers, see:
For Cut Sheet Carriers, see:

  Continuous - Numbering
  Unit Set - Numbering
  Single Sheets - Numbering
  Laser Sheet - Numbering


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