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Press Punching

When press punching, file holes are punched on a web press as the forms are being printed.

  • Standard configurations are:
    • Two holes, 2 3/4" center to center top or bottom of form
    • Three holes, 4 1/4" center to center on left side of form
  • Configurations other than standard may have restrictions - consult your supplier.
  • Less expensive on larger runs due to efficiency of punching on the press as the form is being printed.

Bindery Punching

When bindery punching, file holes are punched as a secondary operation in the bindery department.

  • Standard configurations are the same as for press punching.
  • There are no restrictions on non-standard configurations when using bindery punching.
  • Bindery punching is more expensive on longer run quantities due to it being an offline operation.
  • There may be more problems with sheets sticking together in the paper tray when printing through the laser printer.

Punching Specifications

Specifications needed by your supplier:

Number of holes - Diameter size of hole 
Center to center measurement from hole to hole - Position

Example: 3 holes - 1/4" Dia. - 4 1/4" center to center - at left

Also indicate if the holes are parallel to the depth or parallel to the width.

Note: File hole punching may cause problems when running the laser forms through the printer. Keep the number of holes to a minimum.


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