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Copy Design

Copy for the label can consist of rules, text, graphics, screens and halftones. When designing the copy for the label, you must keep in mind that there are image limitations on the press equipment and the laser printers that print the labels (see Image Limitations below).

Screened Copy

  • Use to achieve different shades of one color
  • Use to shade backgrounds
  • Variety of densities available
  • Supply in a negative or on a disk
  • Halftones for pictures

Flood Coat/Bleed
You should advised the manufacturer if any of the colors are flood coated or if any of the colors bleed.

Flood Coat -
When ink covers the entire surface of the label.
Bleed - When ink extends off the edge of the label. 

Image Limitations

Labels can be printed by several different processes. Each process will have it's own image limitations. Gravure and screen printing allow the entire surface to be printed. Labels printed as flexograph or letterpress will have little or no image limitations. Labels printed by an offset press will have an unprintable area known as lockup, which will limit the size of your image. For more image limitation details for offset printing, see Image Limitations in the Laser Sheets, Unit Sets and Continuous Forms sections.

Note: If you have questions on image limitations for the particular process that will be used, call your manufacturer to see what the limitations would be.


Backprinting is any copy printed on the back side of your label. The capability of adding backprinting to your label will depend on the type of label you are working with, the adhesive properties and the end use of the label.

On a pressure sensitive label that is attached to a liner or carrier, the backprinting would be on the back of the liner, unless the backer was printed before the adhesive and liner were applied to the facestock. On an integrated label, the backprinting would be printed as the form is printed. If the printing is in the area of the label, the adhesive and liner would then cover the backer copy until the label was pulled off the form. It would be visible at the time it was pulled off the form but not once it was attached to any object, unless the object was see through.


Backprinting is used frequently on container labels. The back of the container label is used for additional product information, coupons, recipes and other information that will not fit on the front. A perforation is sometimes added to it to allow access to backprinting. Backprinting can be used on the primary label of a clear container, which would allow the backer to be viewed through the container. Backprinting is also used on Extended Content Labels where content requirements cannot be fulfilled on the front of the label.

Copy Placement

Continuous Fanfolded Labels - Indicate the orientation of the label on the carrier.

Roll Labels - The roll label manufacturer will need to know if rolls are wound face in or face out (see Face In and Face Out). It is also necessary to indicate copy orientation of the labels.

Sheet Labels - The manufacturer will need to know the orientation of the individual labels on the sheet. Supplying a drawing is sometimes the simplest way to indicate proper placement of copy.

Label/Form Combination - When you have a label/form combination, whether it is an integrated, blown on, or dual web label, you will have to indicate placement of the label on the form. Drawing out the exact location on a form sample or a copy of the form is a good way to show placement. Giving measurements from the left or right edge and from top or bottom will also work.


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