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Proper Storage

Following the rules listed below will reduce potential problems with your label products.

  • Labels should be stored in a cool dry climate-controlled area.
  • If labels are stored where they may be exposed to moisture, have them plastic wrapped or store them in fiber cartons to protect them. Bring them into a moisture controlled area 24 to 48 hours before using.
  • Do not open individual packages until ready to use.
  • Do not stack cartons of labels more than four high. Stacking less than four high will prevent cartons from being crushed and causing damage to the labels.
  • Do not double stack skids containing cartons of labels.
  • If banded on skids, break bands to relieve pressure on labels.

Supplier Warehousing

Some vendors offer the option to store your labels and label/form combinations in their warehouse if requested. Some will store and release at no additional expense. Other suppliers charge a storage fee and some may also charge a release fee each time the stored items are pulled from the warehouse and shipped.


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