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Perforations are classified by bursting strength and type. The bursting strength is referred to as "ties per inch" or TPI. The type of perforations are horizontal or vertical, which can be full or partial. Perforations can be used within the label or on the liner between labels. A perforation within the label would allow for part of the label to be removed from the rest of the label. A perforation between labels would allow for one or more labels, along with the liner, to be detached from a roll of labels or a continuous stack of labels.

Ties Per Inch

The tie or tab is what is connected to the paper while the perforation is the cut in the paper. TPI are generally determined by the type of label and the function of the perforation on that label. Some of the common ties per inch (TPI) are 6, 8 and 10. The length and number of ties will determine how easy or difficult the perforation tears. The manufacturer will most generally use their standard TPI for the type of label being manufactured. If something special is required, consult your supplier about these requirements.

Perforation Types

Horizontal Perforation

Vertical Perforation



Limitations on perfs will be determined by how the label is manufactured. Be sure to discuss your perforation requirements with your supplier so he can determine if they are within the manufacturer's capabilities.


Band Perforation

Full body shrink labels that extend up over the cover are generally perforated to form a removable tamper evident band. Preforms are also perforated to assist in removal.

Other container labels may be perforated to allow access to information printed on the back side of the label.


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