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Miscellaneous Construction Features

Continuous Multiple Part Mailers

Two Wide Mailers

Mailers can be manufactured two wide. They are generally used only for large runs of high usage mailers. Two wide mailers will cut imprinting time in half if there are no major problems that occur in running them through the printer. The extra glue lines close to the data imprint areas and across the width of the printer can be too thick for the printer to handle. Be sure to run test samples before ordering.


Pseudo Mailers

Another type of two wide mailer is the pseudo mailer. The pseudo mailer has a mailer on one side and a form on the other side. It can be used when the sender needs several copies of the mailer's content. The mailer gets printed on one side and the copies are printed on the other side. The pseudo mailer is used to reduce the thickness of the mailer. If the sender needed 3 copies and the mailer consisted of one insert, a one wide mailer would have 6 parts. Running this mailer two wide would reduce it to a 3 part mailer on one side, with a 3 part form on the other side to be used to retain as copies.


Unit Set Mailers

Mailers can be manufactured as a unit set instead of continuous. A unit set mailer is constructed basically in the same manner as a continuous mailer. The difference would be that the lineholes would be trimmed at the collator and it would be cut off as an individual form instead of being fan folded. The mailer would have to be imprinted on a typewriter or filled out by hand.


Insert Slit

Sometimes a special insert needs to be added to the mailer after the mailer has been imprinted by the sender. There are several ways that this can be accomplished.

When using one of the insert slit features, be sure that the special insert does not increase the weight of the mailer so that it is heavier than what the prepaid postage will cover.

Perforation on Back of Mailer

A perforation parallel to the stub perfs can be added to the back of the mailer. A file hole punch is punched on the perforation to allow an object, such as a letter opener, to be inserted to assist in breaking the perforation. The special insert is added and the opening can then be sealed with tape.


Slit on Back of Mailer

A partial slit can be added to the back of the mailer so that a special insert can be added without having to break open a perforation. The slit is then also taped to seal it. If an insert needs to be added frequently, the slit may be preferred over the peforation.


PS Tape

An open edge with pressure sensitive tape for sealing is another option for adding special inserts. The mailer is glued on the top, bottom and one edge. The other edge is left unglued and PS tape is applied at this edge. When the stubs are removed for mailing the unglued edge is open, allowing a special insert to be added by hand. Then the PS tape liner is removed to expose the adhesive strip and the mailer can then be sealed.



Note: All mailer manufacturers do not have the same construction capabilities. They may specialize in only certain types of mailers. If your manufacturer does not have the capability to provide a feature that you want to incorporate into your mailer, they may suggest an alternative to that feature. If the alternative is not acceptable, you may have to search for a manufacturer that has the capability to provide the special feature you want.


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