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Continuous Multiple Part Mailers

The continuous multiple part mailer is fanfolded as a stack of forms but the individual mailer is not folded. They are fanfolded after they are collated in the same manner that a regular continuous form is folded. During processing, they are burst apart into individual mailers.

The folds on a continuous mailer can cause a problem when running through the printer. The more parts the mailer consists of, the greater the chance of having a problem. The addition of parts, combined with the gluing for the construction of the mailer will cause tenting. Tenting is when the fold does not lay down flat after it has been glued. See Continuous Forms - Fastening for more information on tenting.

Some manufacturers will try to reduce the tenting problem by de-boning the mailers. De-boning is a process where the manufacturer backfolds the mailers in the opposite direction that they were originally folded.

Because of the printer feeding problems that can occur due to the bulkiness of the mailer, it is a good idea to get a sample for testing. The sample mailer should be the same construction that your mailer will be so that you get a good test of how it will run through your printer. Testing should also be performed on any other equipment that the mailer will be run on.


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