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Opening Styles

Continuous Multiple Part Mailers

There are several basic types of opening styles available to use on continuous mailers. Peel apart, thumb notch, and tear tabs are some of the basic styles used. All mailers should have clear directions printed on them as to how the mailer should be opened so that the recipient can open them easily without damaging the content. The opening style of the mailer may depend on the capabilities of the manufacturer. Shown below are some of the basic opening styles and the directions that are printed on the mailer.

Peel Apart

Thumb Notch

 Tab Opening

Peel Back  

Security Features

Any security features that are used on regular continuous forms can be used on continuous mailers. The security of the content of the mailer is a concern that does not affect other continuous forms. The different types of gluing available will provide different levels of security to the enclosed content, see Types of Gluing. To protect data from being viewed by anyone other than the recipient, blockouts are used on the mailer in different locations to prevent data from being readable. For more information on other security features that are available, see Security Features.



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