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There are many different types of envelopes and they are used for many different purposes. Listed below are some of the different types of envelopes that are available. Click on the envelope type below to see a description of that envelope and its general use. To see standard sizes available for the different types of envelopes, see Envelope Size - Standard Sizes.

Standard Types

    Diagonal Seam
    Side Seam
    Air Mail
    W-2 & 1099


Business Mailers
    Two Way Mailer
    Bank by Mail

    Wallet Flap
    Flat Mailer
    Full View 


    Tyvek® Tamper-Evident
    Inter Office
    Expanding File Jacket
    Flat File Jacket
    Record Retention
    Board Mailers
    Bubble Mailers
    Disk Mailer
    Microfiche Filing
    Green Diamond-1st Class
    Drive-In Banking
    Parking Ticket
    Packing List

Laser Envelopes

 Commercial Envelopes

Commercial Envelopes - The most popular envelope used for business and personal use, the commercial envelope is an open side envelope that most often has diagonal seams. They are also available with side seams in some sizes.

Diagonal Seams

Economical and neat in appearance, this envelope also works well in automatic inserting equipment.

Side Seams

Commercial envelopes are available with an inside tint, with several window options, and in several different closure types. They come in weights from 13 lb. to 28 lb. and are available in white, brown kraft, and other special colors. Some of the standard sizes envelopes are #6 1/4, #6 3/4, #7, #8 5/8, #9, #10, #11, #12 and #14. There are some preprinted envelopes available, such as the Air Mail envelope. Air Mail envelopes are preprinted with a special blue and red border.


Air Mail envelopes are used for overseas Air Mail and international business correspondence. The advantage of the special Air Mail envelope is that it is light weight, which helps keep the mailing weight to a minimum.

Air Mail Envelope


W2 and 1099 Envelopes - Tax form envelopes designed specifically to fit the W2 and 1099 tax forms. The basic format for each of the tax forms is regulated by the government but there are different styles and sizes produced by each tax form manufacturer. To ensure the envelope will work with your tax forms, it is recommended that you request samples of the envelope from your supplier before you place your order.

Announcement & Baronial Envelopes

A-Line Announcement - An A-Line has a square flap, side seams and is manufactured from standard 24 lb. paper. It is available in white and colors. They are available in some special papers also. Consult supplier for special requests.

Used for announcements, invitations and small booklets. Adds etiquette and formality to your mailings.

Baronial - An envelope that is close to square in size, and has a pointed flap and diagonal seams. It is available with a gummed or ungummed flap. It is manufactured from text and writing papers.

Used for announcements, invitations, greeting cards and social stationery. Adds etiquette and formality to your mailings.

Business Mailers


The remittance envelope is an open side envelope with side seams. It has an extended flap which is generally about the same size as the body of the envelope.

Two Way Mailers

Two way mailer envelopes are basically the same as the remittance envelope except the flap has a perforation so that part of the panel can be detached.

The remittance and two way mailer envelopes are used for returning payments and order placement. The large flap provides a surface that can be used for printing a promotional message or information in regard to the return mailing. The Two Way Mailer provides a mailing piece and a response piece all in one. The flap is torn off at the perforation, the response information is filled out and then put in the envelope and mailed back.


Bank by Mail - An envelope that is similar to the remittance envelope except it is used for banking transactions to be made by mail. It includes a deposit slip and the envelope that is mailed into the bank. Sometimes this type of envelope will have a second coupon or receipt. Bank by Mail envelopes help save the bank and the depositors time.

Booklet Envelopes

Booklet Envelopes - Booklet envelopes are large open side envelopes with side seams. They are available in many different sizes, colors, paper stocks, and closure types. They are used for booklets booklets, brochures and multiple page mailings. It is easy to insert content by hand and works well in automatic inserting equipment.


Square Booklet Envelopes - The square booklet envelope is the same as a regular booklet envelope except that the length and width dimensions are the same, making them square.

Wallet Flap - An envelope that has diagonal seams and is available in standard business envelope sizes . It has a square flap which extends down about half the size of the envelope. The seal flap also has extra gum protection. It is used for mailing legal documents, bank deposits and statements. It is used because of its extra sealing strength and its acceptance of bulky mail.

Flat Mailer Envelopes - Flat mailer envelopes are open side envelopes made of a heavier weight stock, such as 32 lb., 40 lb., or 125 lb. They are available in several sizes, colors and closures. It has outside seams glued to the edge for extra security. Because of its extra durability, the flat mailer envelope is excellent for bulky mailings of documents, such as medical records, legal papers and insurance papers.



Full View Envelopes - The full view envelope is an open side envelopes with two side seams and a full view window on the face of the envelope. It is used when a full view of the content is required. Some uses of this envelope are for distribution of photographs, and mailing of catalogs, annual reports, and promotional items. It is available in white and colors.

Proxy Envelopes - Proxy envelopes are an open side envelope commonly used for proxy mailings. The window on the back side of the envelope is used to expose a control number used to identify the proxy mailer. Some proxy envelopes have a patch pocket where the proxy is inserted. The window is then in the location of the pocket. A window can be added to the front for the return address to be viewed.

Catalog Envelopes

Catalog Envelopes - Catalog envelopes are large open end envelopes, usually with a center seam. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and closure types. They are used much like the booklet envelopes, for mailing catalogs, booklets, brochures and multiple page documents.


Coin Envelopes - A coin envelope is a small open end envelope. It is available in a variety of small sizes. They work well for packaging small items, such as small parts, stamps, coins and currency. It is sometimes used for drive-in banking. Coin envelopes are strong and economical to use. They are available in white, brown kraft and manila.


Policy/Will Envelopes -
Open end envelopes that are produced to hold content of a special size. It is used to hold wills, insurance policies and legal documents and will fit into a safety deposit box. They are available in white, brown kraft and manila. They are also available with a full view window on the face of the envelope to allow the content to be viewed.



Jumbo Catalog Envelopes - Jumbo catalog envelopes are oversized open end envelopes with a center seams in the back. The closure type may be plain, gummed, clasp or button & string. They are used for the very large inserts, such as artwork, negatives, posters and promotional items. Jumbo envelopes are also available in Tyvek®. Tyvek® is used for transporting or storing large inserts where there is potential for the envelope to be exposed to chemicals, dirt, water and other damaging conditions.


Tyvek® Catalog Envelopes - A catalog envelope that is made from Tyvek® which has many valuable features. It is strong, non-abrasive, acid free, light weight, water and chemical resistant, and very flexible. Because of all of these features, Tyvek® envelopes provide protection and durability, but if the content of the envelope needs to be protected from bending, you would have to protect it with some type of rigid insert or use an envelope that would be more resistant to bending, such as a board mailer.  Tyvek® catalog envelopes are available in plain white or preprinted with the First Class Green Diamond border or the Air Mail border. They are also available in some colors. Tyvek® envelopes generally have a peel & seal type of closure. Tyvek® envelopes are also available in a booklet type envelope.

Specialty Envelopes

Tyvek® Tamper-Evident - Tamper-Evident Tyvek® envelopes have a special seal that indicates if it has been broken before the recipient receives the envelope. Once the sealed flap is opened, the words "OPENED" appear in the window on the flap. It cannot be resealed to hide the "OPENED" warning in the window. Used when envelope content is confidential, sensitive or valuable material.


Inter-Office Envelopes - Inter-Office envelopes are used to distribute inter-office mail within a company. They are generally preprinted with routing information on the front and back of the envelope. They are  punched through out the body of the envelope to allow you to see if the envelope contains any content. They are available in an open side or open end style of envelope. Colors available are white, brown kraft, manila an colors. They are also available in Tyvek® stock. Closure types include, gummed, button & string and reusable. Inter-Office envelopes are generally opened and closed many times so it is usually necessary to have a closure that can be opened and closed an unlimited number of times.



Expansion Envelopes - Expansion envelopes are available in open side and open end styles. They have gussets that expand on the sides to allow for bulky inserts. They are used for storage and mailing bulky items, such as bank statements, cancelled checks and reports. The expansion envelopes are constructed of heavier weight paper to help provide extra protection for the content. It is also available in Tyvek® and as a mailer which is constructed of heavier tag stock.


Medical or Professional Expanding File Jackets - A file jacket that is an open side envelope with expanding sides. It is constructed of a 125 lb. tag with a thumbcut for easy extraction of content. They generally include a 1/2" extended tab, on the back side, which is used for indexing purposes. They are used for transporting and storage of bulky items, such as medical records & inter-office files. Because of the 1/2" extended tab on the back and the expanding sides, they work well for the filing of bulky items.


Medical or Professional Flat File Jacket - Flat file jackets are envelopes constructed of a 40 lb. kraft or 125 lb. tag. They are basically constructed in the same way as the expanding file jackets, except the flat file jacket does not have the gussets on the sides to allow the envelope to expand. It has the 1/2" tab on the back and the thumbcut on the front panel. Flat file jackets are used to store or transport records and they are used for job tickets and other office filing purposes. They are easy to insert materials into and they provide extra protection to the content.



Record Retention Envelopes - Record retention envelopes are constructed of a heavy weight brown kraft. They are two hole punched for attaching inside of a fastener folder. It has a reinforced back for added protection while it is attached to the folder. It is used to hold smaller documents and receipts, instead of having to punch them and put into the folder separately.




Board Mailers - A no-bend mailer that is made of a heavy gauge board that resists bending and offers excellent protection for items such as photos, artwork, and film. Board mailers are available with a "tuck-in" flap or a "peel & seal" type closure in white or brown board. Both offer a secure closure without the use of tape.


Bubble Mailers - Bubble mailers consist of kraft or Tyvek® material, which is lined with a protective bubble packaging material. They offer low cost shipping with maximum protection against crushing and will not break open during shipping. Bubble mailers offer an excellent form of protection but will not protect against bending. Generally, they have a "peel & seal" flap for a secure closure.

Disk Mailers -
Disk mailers are specially designed for shipping disks or CD's. They are constructed of a heavy gauge board and are lined with Tyvek® or an anti-static foam to protect your disks against information loss due to static. They are available in sizes for packaging disks or CD's.



Microfiche Filing Envelopes -
An envelope that is designed to hold microfiche film for filing purposes.



They are constructed of 24 lb. white acid-free wove and have an extended tab on the back panel, used to identify the content.


Translucent Envelopes - Envelopes that are transparent, which allows the recipient to visually see the content of the envelope. They are used as a device to entice the recipient into opening the envelope to examine its content. Translucent envelopes are available in several styles and sizes.



Green Diamond Border - 1st Class Mail Envelope - The green diamond border indicates that this envelope is a 1st class mailing envelope. The green diamond border is available on booklet envelopes, catalog envelopes, mailers and expansion envelopes. They are also available in several types of paper stock, such as white wove, white kraft, brown kraft and Tyvek®.


Drive-In Bank Envelopes - An open end envelope with unglued seams. Side flaps create pockets for coins and currency. Drive-In Bank envelopes are used by banks to hold coins, currency and bank slips for the customers making transactions. They are available in single or double pocket styles. The double pocket style has two flaps that fold over each other to form the two pockets and provide added protection. The coins and currency are separated from each other in the different pockets. Both styles are available with latex, regular gummed, or ungummed seal flap. They are available in white and various colors.

Single Pocket Style - One Side Flap Unglued


Double Pocket Style - Two Side Flaps Unglued


Parking Ticket Envelopes - The parking ticket envelope has a large flap with a perforation on it so that it can be detached from the envelope. The large flap contains the ticket information and is detached by the recipient. It is put into the envelope that it is detached from and returned along with the payment. There is a seal area below the perforation which is used to seal the envelope when payment is returned.


Packing List Envelope - Packing list envelopes are used to attach the packing list for a shipment to the outside of the carton. The same type of envelope is also used at times to attach the invoice along with the shipment. The envelope is perforated on the front for removal of the packing list or invoice. It is available in several sizes and types and is stocked in several preprinted styles. You can also be order a custom envelope to incorporate your custom logo, design or colors.

Laser Envelopes

Laser Envelopes - This product is designed specifically for laser printers. Special caution should be taken to assure that your envelope will not cause any problems when running through the laser printer.

Listed below are some points to be aware of when ordering and storing laser envelopes:

  • Be sure envelopes lie flat and all folded edges have a good sharp fold.
  • Store the envelopes in the protective box that you receive them in and don't store them in humid conditions or extreme temperatures, they should be allowed to reach room temperature before using.
  • The envelope must not be too thick to run through your printer. Most standard commercial envelopes should be acceptable.
  • Laser envelopes must be well constructed and not have loose seams or are not baggy in any area.
  • Do not use envelopes with bulky closures, such as clasps, button & string or reinforced metal eyelet holes.
  • Preprinted envelopes must have been printed with heat resistant laser inks.
  • Paper stock should not be extremely smooth or glossy. It must be laser compatible.
  • Rough, textured stock will not produce a sharp image when laser printed.
  • Do not use an open flap envelope with a pressure sensitive or self seal adhesive closure. See Closure Types.


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