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Integrated and affixed cards most often are not die cut other than the die cut of the card itself, but the card can be die cut if required. A couple of special die cuts that are commonly used are the rolodex die cut and a corner cut. For other special die cutting requests on affixed or integrated cards, consult with your manufacturer to find out what their die cutting capabilities are.


It is very common for the face of the label to be die cut in sections or specific shapes. Die cutting the face of the label is used more often than perforating the label. The die cut is accomplished by using a die which is basically made up of cutting blades that are formed into the desired shape. The die will cut through the face of the label only and not through the liner.

Labels are die cut into the face of the carrier of an integrated label.


Labels can be die cut into most any shape or size that your request.

Note: Manufacturers have standard dies in stock which will fit many of your needs but if you need a special size or shape, a custom die can be ordered for an additional charge. This charge is generally a one time charge and not applied to exact reorders.


A label can have one or more slits die cut on it or a tab may be slit at
one end to make the labels easier to remove from the liner.


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