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Glue Applied Labels

A glue applied labels does not have an adhesive layer. It is adhered to the product by glue being applied to the label or to the container during the application process. A cold glue or hot glue adhesive is used to apply the label. The label can be printed on most any type of paper. It can also be printed on metallized paper or film. Once the label is printed, you have the option of adding off-line features to the label, such as foil stamping, die cutting and embossing.

Glue applied labels are generally applied to some type of container. The container may be plastic, glass, metal or paperboard. The label can also be perforated to allow the label to be detached from the container. This feature allows the addition of coupons, recipes, rebate offers or additional product information to the back of the label.

Glue applied labels generally cost less than other types of container labels. The material cost is generally less and the labels can be applied at high speeds. If ordering small quantities, the savings may not be as great due to the set up of the wet application equipment and because the equipment takes more expertise in running. Glue applied labels are also more environmentally friendly because there is less waste and the waste is easier to recycle.

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